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Mike's CPW Accomplishments

Mike has been part of the Greenwood community for 26 years, working tirelessly to make it a better place to live, work, build a business, and raise a family.  Here are just a few of Mike's acomplishments while serving as a CPW  commisioner.

  • Mike fought to maintain the lowest utility rates possible. Gas, electric, and water rates are among the lowest in South Carolina. CPW electric rates are the lowest in the State, and natural gas rates are the fourth lowest. In fact, CPW has not raised its utility rates in over eight years.
  • Mike insisted on the restructure of CPW’s and GMD’s Finance Departments. CPW has a 70 -million-dollar budget and GMD has a 16-million-dollar budget, they must be run like a business. Mike  established “rate stabilization” funds for water, electric, and gas to avoid rate increases and level out the impact of weather and other economic factors.
  • Mike set annexation of subdivisions and businesses into the City as major priorities.  Mike supported the extension of financial incentives that encourage commercial, industrial, and residential development within the City of Greenwood and Greenwood County.
  • Mike continues to promote an aggressive approach to bring sewer to homes surrounding the lake  as well as within our City limits. He insisted on GMD and CPW applying for, and receiving  grants to place water and sewer lines for low and moderate income residents.
  • Mike spearheaded CPW’s support of the Cambridge Street Park. Mike held the line for eleven years on  not selling the old CPW Water Plant property. This eventually brought about a successful  property transfer for a Grace Street park.

MIke Monaghan awarded 2018 Legionaire of the year by loacal American Legion Post 20

Mike's Greenwood Community Connections

Mike knows the value of being connected and how selfless service to your community benefits everyone. As a proud veteran, Mike serves as the Finance Officer for American Legion Post 20 who awarded him Legionaire of the year. Here are some of Mike's communty connections.

Greenwood Chamber of Commerce, Executive Board of the Greenwood  Partnership and Alliance, Saluda-Reedy Watershed Consortium, American Legion Post 20, Greenwood Lions Club, Greenwood Moose Lodge, Knights of Columbus,  Greenwood Sertoma Club, Healthy Greenwood Neighborhood Association, American Public  Power Association, Water Environmental Association of South Carolina, Water Environment  Federation, American Water Works Association, Preserve Lake Greenwood, and Citizens  for Better Government.

Fiber Optic Factory

Mike's Private-Sector Business Experience

Mike spent over 30 years as a senior executive in the private sector leading, running, and improving high-tech factories for an international company.  Mike contributed to the success of electrical cable and fiber optic factories right here in South Carolina.  He knows what it takes to service local businesses and to be successful with local economic development.

Links to Some of Mike's community organizations

Greenwood Commissioners of Public Works - CPW

Greenwood Metropolitan District

Greenwood's American Legion Post 20

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Re-elect Mike Monaghan to CPW

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